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Kreator -- Ottawa, Ontario -- September 9th, 2012

This was an off-tour date with Swallow the Sun opening, unfortunately no Accept for us! Besides their Hope album, I'm not too familiar with Swallow The Sun, unfortunately for me they only played one song off of that album, I believe it was "No Light, No Hope". Most of the other stuff came off their new album I think. Overall they made a good impression and the crowd liked them. Standing there I couldn't help but think of how much I love and miss Brave Murder Day-era Katatonia since Swallow The Sun seem to be clearly influenced by the early Katatonia catalog.

As for Kreator, they were simply spectacular! They destroyed the place and the pit was just a riot. This was my first time seeing them actually and I've been waiting for that for years. The sound was a bit jumbled in the beginning, from what I have read they've been having troubles with that, but they fixed it as the show went on.

No surprises in the setlist, new material sounded great especially "Death to the World", those melodic leads in the middle were incredible.
I was hoping to hear "Riot of Violence", and especially "Terrorzone" but I knew that's not going to happen, I'm not sure why they still have "Voices of the Dead" there; "Terrorzone", "Love Us or Hate Us", "Some Pain will Last" and other classic material are much more worthy I think. Other than that, great show, apparently they could have taken this day off to rest but instead they came to Ottawa, so maximum respect here. This was also their first show here since 1994. Jeff Waters of Annihilator was in the crowd as well, and Millie saluted him in the banter for "Flag of Hate".

Kreator had tour shirts for $25, new album: special edition cd for $20, regular edition for $15. I think they also had the vinyl for $25 but I could be mistaken.

Possibly the best show for me this year, seriously go see them if you haven't already. Its worth every penny.


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