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Kamelot -- St Petersburg, FL -- September 10th, 2012

Kamelot - My second time seeing the band, and they were even better live this time around. We got to meet them before the show and interviewed Thomas Youngblood, the band's guitarist and founding member/main guy in the band. The new female singer they have is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and she sings beautifully and can play drums too (She played percussion on one song), I definitely plan on seeing them again one day. - 9/10

War Of Thrones - This band was pretty boring and kept messing up over and over again, in fact 2 of the 4 members were just fill ins. - 3/10

Seven Kingdoms - Local band, they live about 10 minutes from me, they're so good live it's ridiculous, they had i think the best crowd reaction a local band has gotten (That I've ever seen), look them up if you like Nightwish/Evanescence. - 7.5/10

Opening band who idk their name - Sounded like a Pat Benatar ripoff trying to play metal, needless to say they sucked - 1/10

The drum head and setlist are signed by 5/6 members, i was not able to get the singer, but I'll try again at their show w/ Nightwish.

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