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Friend I haven't talked to in a while just messaged me on Facebook:

Yo Jackson, how goes it? Long time no talk.

So I normally wouldn't say anything in regards to this topic, but since I know you I feel like I should say something...

Heads up: this is a really strange topic. I'm taking the time to try and communicate an idea because I think it is worth it, regardless if you believe it or not. You might not even care about this but I'll say it anyways.

Symbols give energy to what they represent. Regardless of the intention of the placement of the symbol, it's shape and energy pay homage to a specific meaning.

More and more I see metal bands (which I still enjoy some of the music) including the symbol of the inverted pentagram and baphomet in their imagery. Now, a while back I didn't think anything of these images. However, I have been doing extensive research into reality of occultism (specifically Satanism) in our world. It is not anything to support. There is plenty of information online regarding the subject: eye witness reports members of the Vatican eating newborn babies alive, women being kidnapped and kept underground only to breed children to be raped and eaten, young children watching their parents be raped and then sacrificed. it goes on and on. Most of the children that go "missing" are simply kidnapped for these secret Satanic child smuggling rings.

I know this sounds fucking crazy and you may not even care, I just felt the need to let you know that this stuff is going on. I provided a few links with some additional information if you have the time.

Sorry if this bothered you.!
The fuck

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