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Originally Posted by marker View Post
Defininetly would rather hear The Pass than Body Electric, not sure about the others. I never thought they would do a show without Freewill or Spirit Of Radio, i'm shocked this set has neither. Yes I know they've been played on probably every tour since they came out.
Freewill has been dropped a number of times in the past. It wasn't played on the Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows, Hold Your Fire, Roll The Bones and Counterparts tours. It was rotated every other show on the Vapor Trails tour and wasn't played on the R30 tour either. The Spirit Of Radio was dropped for the first few months of the Presto tour but was brought back as a regular.

Originally Posted by Fe Maiden View Post
I have a tough time remembering when La Villa Strangiato has been absent from a RUSH set.
I've seen them every tour since 1996 and it wasn't played on the T4E or S&A tours.

Source for all this info:
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