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Rush -- Bristow, VA -- September 9th, 2012

1. Subdivisions
2. The Big Money
3. Force Ten
4. Grand Designs
5. Middletown Dreams
6. Territories
7. The Analog Kid
8. The Pass
9. Where's My Thing? -Neil solo-
10. Far Cry
11. Caravan
12. Clockwork Angels
13. The Anarchist
14. Seven Cities of Gold
15. The Wreckers
16. Headlong Flight -Neil solo-
17. Halo Effect
18. Wish Them Well -Alex solo-
19. The Garden
20. Dreamline
21. Red Sector A -Neil solo-
22. YYZ
23. Working Man
24. Tom Sawyer
25. 2112

Another great show. All the seats were sold (and this place is huge, even for a shed) and I had a great seat, 5th row behind the orchestra, 5 rows in front of the soundboard, dead center. To make it even better, almost everyone in front of me sat down and the people right in front of me didn't even show. When the house lights were up a bit I felt like I could wave to Geddy and be easy to see, everyone else was on their butt. This was only my second time seeing Rush but it makes me wanna kick myself for not being into them enough to see them in 2007 and 2008. I know there are some setlist whiners, but I thought it worked well live. Yeah, a lot of losers sat down and got bored but why let that effect you? The boys sounded great and Geddy's voice was so much stronger than when I saw them in 2010. The only two songs he struggled on were Working Man and 2112. As much as I love the old stuff, I see why they don't play much of it. Neil's solos were great as usual, the electronic one during Red Sector A was particularly interesting. I will say that Subdivisions didn't work that great as an opener, the energy didn't really catch on until the build-up near the end.

I enjoyed getting some deeper cuts in the set although I wasn't familiar with some of them until the drive up to the show (picked up Power Windows and Hemispheres before the show ). I'm also really glad they decided to do most of Clockwork Angels as it's a great album and I respect them for pimping their new stuff instead of just rehashing the past. In fact Seven Cities through YYZ may have been the best run of songs of the night. The Wreckers was amazing, best song of the night for me. The Pass was also amazing and I thought Territories was really cool, I saw a lot of people complaining about the inclusion of that one.

The strings section was interesting, they added a bit of layering but didn't hijack the music like some other symphonic projects (Metallica). They came out for set 2 and stayed until Working Man started. The visuals on stage were pretty cool, the scenery for The Garden was especially well done. My biggest complaint though is that they didn't zoom in on the boys hands enough. I wanna see them work their magic up close, that was one of my favorite parts in 2010. I also like the minimalist use of pyro. It's cool when Kiss blows everything up but it's predictable. With Rush I was shocked every time a firework went off as I wasn't expecting it.

So, yes, we got the rumored set B. Overall I think we got the better deal than the set A folks but I do wish I could have seen the 4 rare songs in that set. That's why I'm not really a fan of bands changing their set every night, every city is paying roughly the same price, everyone should get the same show. I'd love to see a set A show but the closest is Charlotte (6 hours) on a night I have grad school, so here's hoping for another leg next summer.

I'd say:

2112 > Spirit of Radio (although both are played all the time so it doesn't really matter)
Dreamline > Bravado (at least live)
Seven Cities > Carnies
The Pass > The Body Electric (though I want to see that one cause it's rare)
Middletown Dreams < Manhattan Project (losing Manhattan sucked)

Shirts were $35. They had four tour designs and some more expensive shirts, a program, some hats, a poster, the new album, a bag, and a few DVDs.
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