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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
So last nights Korpiklaani show was amazing! I am in love with the Folk Metal crowd now, they gave us an absolutely amazing response! And the venue was practically packed for us as well. I am stoked to play some more folk metal shows!!!! to set my drums back up today

EDIT: From best to worst crowds I've play for

Folk Metal
Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Black Metal

It's odd.... since we are way more Black than Folk, of course, so you think it'd be different
Good stuff! I've only been to a couple folk metal shows, but I am always amazed at how great the crowd response is. When I saw Finntroll/Ensiferum, everyone was singing all the words (atleast for Ensiferum) and just going nuts. Alestorm had one of the craziest crowds of any show I had been to at the time, the place was packed and there were nonstop moshers/crowdsurfers the entire time! I feel like with the more extreme black and even some death shows, people seem too cool to get really into it.
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