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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Awesome to hear! By the way, I'm not surprised at all about the ordering of that list
Yeah . Its a bummer since a lot of my friends are Black Metal, and I like playing Black Metal shows, but everyone just stands there and looks all .

Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I would expect thrash metal crowds to be above death metal, but the rest makes sense. I've only been to one folk metal show (Finntroll / Ensiferum), but I was really surprised by how much energy everybody put out.
Maybe I haven't played enough Thrash shows yet, but back when we opened for Decapitated last year the crowd was INSANE. They treated us as if we were one of the touring bands, which was SICK. Even the more Death Metal oriented show we did in Spokane, the crowd there was baller, and someone asked for my autograph!

On a side note, I am ordering shot glasses for my band .
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