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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Aw, crap. Seriously? That's too bad. Looks like you're in the opposite direction from Allston than Providence is, too. I would offer to do the driving (after all, I'll be driving a rental car and I don't even have to pay for gas ), but that would make for a pretty damn late night for me, and I have a flight to catch early the next morning. Plus, it sounds like you've got your plans pretty well set anyway.

Oh well. You'll just to wait for that ass-whupping, then.
I have a feeling me going to the Pawtucket show isn't going to work out either. My buddy is the nicest kid you'll ever meet, but he is a spaceshot and an absolutely awful planner. If you we're willing to do me a huge solid and drive me back, that would be awesome. If not, it's completely straight as well. Just let me know.
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