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23. Batillus -Furnace

The short explanation on this one is that, the first time I heard it, I hated it. Then, I found out that Batillus were playing a show I was going to see, so I listened to this album again. I found some stuff I liked. Then I listened more, and found more stuff I liked. Then, I saw them live. Holy shit. It was like getting run over by a tank. A tank being driven by Moby Fucking Dick. Repeatedly. Now I love this album. The payoff may take a while to get to sometimes, but when you do - for example, the driving part in the middle of "...And the World Is As Night to Them" - holy fucking shit is it worth it. Sweet Satan, that section of that song is awesome. So it goes that I'm beginning to learn that, in order to appreciate truly good doom music, sometimes you have to learn to be patient. Very patient. However, as the old saying goes, truly fucking bombastically awesome things come to he who waits. Or something like that.

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