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24. Vektor - Outer Isolation

This one might get some panties in a twist. I know, I know - these guys are as often accused of being over-rated as they are of being deified by their rabid fan base (several of whom are regulars on this forum, as we all know). The truth of the matter as far as I'm concerned is that, while Vektor may or may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and may or may not be the best nu-thrash band out there today, they are still damned talented, damned interesting, and they sound a shitload like Voivod to me, which is something that no other band that has ever existed can claim (and it's a truly high compliment in my book). So, love them or hate them, here they sit at number 24 on my list. I'm sure no one will be happy about this, because the haters will say that they should be much lower and the fanboys will say that they should be at the very top, but I'd like to think I'm just enough of a centrist to have parked them just about right where I think they belong - a very respectable spot for a very respectable album.
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