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32. Absu - Abzu

Apologies to the other albums - the only decent photo of the album cover I could find for this one was larger than the ones I've been using for all the other albums I've quoted thus far. But then again, it's Absu, so fuck the rest of those albums. In all seriousness, though - it's Absu. They are incapable of making a bad record, I think. If you like your black metal fast, aggressive and tight as fuck, then these guys are the ones you want (either them, or maybe Anaal Nathrakh, but I'll talk more about AN later, if you get my drift). Anyway, this album just simply rips. That's it. If you're a fan, then you already know what I'm talking about. If not, then I don't advise you check this out, because quite frankly, you can't handle it.
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