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33. The Atlas Moth - An Ache for the Distance

So I tried a few years ago to like this band, and their material upto that point just didn't quite cut it for me. They were good, but not great. Then I saw them live (opening for another band). They were quite good. Their stock went up a few points. Then they released this. Holy shit. I love it. Hell, the third track alone (the incredibly bombastic "Holes in the Desert") alone is worth the price of admission. This band is going places, I think. Too bad they sucked ass live when I saw them for the second time opening for Yakuza in Chicago last year. I think they were just too tired from the tour, or drunk from the homecoming with all their friends (or maybe a bit of both). Still, this album is definitely worth checking out if you like angsty post-metal with plenty of layered, screaming vocals.

EDIT: Plus, that album cover it tits. Literally.
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