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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get to the Alston Skeletonwitch show due to my lack of a license (I could get there no problem, but I would be stranded at the subway station about 15-20 minutes from my house once the show got out). I'm fairly sure I'm going to the show down in Pawtucket with my buddy the following night. It's a shame too because it would've really cool to meet you (Though I've been to the same show as a few people on here, I've not met anyone that posts here in person before.)
Aw, crap. Seriously? That's too bad. Looks like you're in the opposite direction from Allston than Providence is, too. I would offer to do the driving (after all, I'll be driving a rental car and I don't even have to pay for gas ), but that would make for a pretty damn late night for me, and I have a flight to catch early the next morning. Plus, it sounds like you've got your plans pretty well set anyway.

Oh well. You'll just to wait for that ass-whupping, then.

Originally Posted by RAZOR View Post
Primordial tonight! We're almost there I believe.
No fucking way. Jon had tomorrow night's date posted in his sig, so I figured you Pitt folks were all lined up to go see this show in Rochester for some reason. I was gonna go tonight, but the last sitter on my list was busy and I have to stay home with the twins tonight. Hope you guys are having a blast. I want set lists for Primordial and Cormorant, dammit.
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