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I love Rush. I love the new album. I'm not one of those "only play stuff from the 70s!" guys. In fact, I like alot of the 80s stuff, and Counterparts is one of my top 3 or 4 favorite albums.

But I was at this show. True they sounded great, the perforamnce was great (even though Alex butchered the Tom Sawyer solo). The stage production was great.

But to open with 8 straight 80s tunes (even though they came storming out of the gate with three killer tracks) was disappointing. And as much as I like the new album, 9 straight tracks from it really killed the momentum. And BU2B is one of the best tunes; sadly it didn't make the cut.THere were some great moments (Headlong Flight was killer), but it definitely sucked the air out a bit.

The fact that they ignored their first 8 albums for the first 2.5 hours was the real disappointment. I totally get/respect them playing new stuff - so many bands put out new albums then ignore them live. But breaking it up a little would've worked better.
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