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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post

Start time: 745PM
Intermission: 845-855PM
End time: 1045PM
My ticket for Sunday says the show starts at 7:30. I heard a report they started a bit late yesterday, is that true? Maybe they'll add a song or two if they have time tomorrow.

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
2. The Big Money (first time played since 2002)
3. Force Ten (first time played since 2004)
4. Grand Designs (first time played since 1986)
5. The Body Electric (first time played since 1985)
6. Territories (first time played since 1988)
7. The Analog Kid (first time played since 1994)
8. Bravado (first time played since 2004)
9. Where's My Thing? (first time played since 1992, with Neil solo)
20. Manhattan Project (first time played since 1990)
21. Red Sector A (first time played since 2004)
When I first saw the set I was like "Ehhh, cool. Not the greatest but it's Rush." But when you put it like this, it is a pretty special set, a lot of deep cuts in there. granted, I'd rather hear deep cuts from the 70's but I know they don't do a lot of that stuff. I still think it'd be nice to throw one or two of those songs in there though. I don't think putting something like Fly By Night and Cinderella Man in there would be too much to ask for.

To me, the biggest (realistic) problem is that they left BU2B out, kept Caravan in, and didn't do Seven Cities of Gold. They should leave out Caravan and add Seven Cities so that they will have done the whole album (except BU2B2 but whatever ).

Seeing this tomorrow. Gotta brush up on a few of these songs.
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