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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Rush really dug deep and pulled out some really cool songs that I can't wait to hear. If you have a problem with this set then I really don't know what to tell you. Last tour was the show for the casual fan, if you missed that then you're fucked because this tour is for the diehard fans.
I believe you meant to say this tour is for the '80s era fans. This is certainly not something for diehard fans.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I don't wanna hear anybody bitching about them not playing stuff from the 1970s. That arguement is old and weak and you all know Geddy can't sing those songs for shit anymore. Be happy that at 60 years old these guys are still going out there and touring and are still surprising their fans with the songs they pick to play.
You don't want to hear any bitching? Then you should probably not read any Rush threads here or elsewhere until the tour is over. It's inevitable that people are going to complain about that because a lot of fans consider it to be some of their best work. Maybe you don't mind that they're skipping most of their early material, but if you can't see why somebody else would be disappointed by that then you might need to see where you land on an empathy test. And of course Geddy doesn't sound as great as he did so many years ago, but that doesn't mean you just ignore a major chunk of your work. I'm not denying that he likely has to sing differently to get through some of the more challenging sections, but you're making it seem like he sounds horrible, which he doesn't at all. If that was the case then I doubt they would have played old songs on any of the tours of the past decade. As for your reasoning that we should just be happy that we get to see them, these are valid complaints and to discredit them by saying people are ungrateful is asinine.
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