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Katatonia -- San Francisco, CA -- September 7th, 2012

Fun show! The three main bands all gave great sets. I'm too lazy for a gig report, but Devin was easily the most oddball yet awesome performer I've ever seen. Paradise Lost were very, very cool and I'm gonna get me some of their albums ASAP. Katatonia were good, but following Devin did them no favors.

Paradise Lost
1. The Enemy
2. Honesty in Death
3. Erased
4. Tragic Idol
5. Forever Failure
6. One Second
7. In This We Dwell
8. Say Just Words

This is what I jotted down, but there could be more missing songs for all I know. They played for about an hour.

Devin Townsend Project
1. Supercrush!
2. ? (something from Ziltoid maybe? it had him in the background video)
3. More!
4. ?
5. Sunday Afternoon
6. Regulator
7. Grace
8. Juular
9. Lucky Animals
10. Bad Devil

I took a photo of the actual setlist, so this is accurate. Katatonia also played for about an hour.

1. Dead Letters
2. Buildings
3. The Longest Year
4. Deliberation
5. My Twin
6. The Racing Heart
7. Lethean
8. Teargas
9. Walking by a Wire
10. Sleeper
11. Hypnone
12. Forsaker
13. Leaders

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