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Primordial -- Chicago, IL -- September 7th, 2012

First time seeing Primordial and Alan has become one of my favorite live frontmen I have ever seen. He doesn't just sing--he plays the part, and he performs from beginning to end without letting up. The band had tons of energy and played a stellar setlist with some surprises, giving us a 2 hour show. The only negative point was that the show wasn't as crowded as I thought it would have been, and the crowd response was pretty weak for most of the night.


1. No Grave Deep Enough
2. Gods to the Godless
3. As Rome Burns
4. Lain with the Wolf
5. The Burning Season
6. The Mouth of Judas
7. Heathen Tribes
8. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
9. The Coffin Ships
10. Gallows Hymn
11. Sons of the Morrigan
12. Empire Falls
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