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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Obviously those bands will sell more tickets, but that's not exactly what happened. The organizers have booked -core festivals from the start. Summer Slam, December Decimation, So Cal Deathfest, and Spring Breakdown were all done by them. The problem is that they've turned California Metalfest into a parody of itself. I see no reason why they couldn't have just started a new festival for that while keeping California Metalfest a predominantly metal festival, like they were doing up until 2011.
Because why have one festival that makes more money and one festival that makes less money when the two can be combined (if it's even fair to call this a "combined festival")? If one combined makes more than the two it doesn't make sense to have two. They're probably doing this anticipating this year's festival will be more productive than having the two like they have in the past. And they're probably right.

Summer Slam in '10 had ABRB and Oceano. Spring Breakdown in '11 had Chelsea Grin, Oceano and For Today. Southern Cal Deathfest had Cattle Decapitation and a bunch of bands with insignificant draw. Then again, I'm not sure how much these bands draw in Southern Cal, but none of those festivals even compare to this one. This festival is the motherload. The draw will be enormous.
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