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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Alright people I understand there is a lot of garbage on this (The bands that are band on this are for the most part amongst the worst bands in all of metal imo), but there is still some good bands here amongst all the shit. If anything this fest is getting me excited that KSE is probably going to tour playing Alive or Just Breathing start to finish (It also makes me think they are going out with Unearth and Shadows Fall since this is in CA and clearly all those bands are from MA and they wouldn't go clear across the country for one show and most of the other bands playing this are on previously announced tours), which would be nothing short of incredible.
it's not that there is just an unbelievable amount of really shitty bands on this bill, but everything that is good about it isn't anything special. Like...The Faceless? DEP? They tour all the time. And if you are super psyched about going to see KSE do that one album in its entirety, just remember that you'll have to sit through an Everest-sized mountain of poopy diarrhea to get to it.
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