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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
That sounds siiick! I went to that Slaughter at Soma in SD and holy fuck during Suffocation's set that was the biggest pit I've ever witnessed. Def agree Carcass would easily draw a huge crowd. This is just all the touring machine -core bands coming together for a core orgy.
It just makes me sick that a festival used to be fucking amazing and was able to draw in a few thousand people for amazing death metal bands. Now its just going along with the core trend and getting a bunch of shitty bands together so they can make more money. I heard this show is like $50 or something. I remember buying my tickets for the 09 show off of Rhett from Gravehill for like $25 or something. To be fair, TDEP, Shadows Fall, old Bleeding Through and old KSE are the only things that are good on this bill in my opinion.
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