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Week 14:

Call Me No One- The World Is Dead
Siamese Fighting Fish- Party Like Charlie Sheen
Torche- Sky Trials
Propagandhi- Failed States
God Forbid- Pages
Dirge Within- Memories
Breach The Void- Subversive Mind
Skyharbor- Aphasia
Stealing Axion- 47 Days Later
The Contortionist- Anatomy Anomalies
Periphery- Ji
Adaliah- Devil
Ne Obliviscaris- Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract
Dethklok- I Ejaculate Fire
Sylencer- Eternal
Gojira- The Axe
Horrendous- The Ritual
Bleeding Through- Starving Vultures
Enslaved- Thoughts Like Hammers
Ihsahn- Arrival
Daylight Dies- Infidel
Novembers Doom- Buried
Alcest- Summer's Glory
Anathema- Lightning Song
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
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