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Alright, I know I said these were going to be up a while ago, but they're here now so deal with it!

Hopefully you guys will like this one- the Cormorant guys were a real joy to talk to. They're all very intelligent and nice guys who are really united in their vision and their goals for the band. There isn't a single member of the band who puts in a lesser amount of love and effort into the whole thing, and I think this interview really shows that.

This interview with Impaled was easily one of the funniest conversations I've ever had with anyone- Ross Sewage had a silly response prepared for literally any statement or question I could ask. Hopefully some lingering questions that a few of you guys have about the band have been answered by this interview, but more than that I hope that you all laugh a little when reading it- I was seriously fighting the urge to crack up so many times throughout the talk itself.

This band, Hemotoxin, are a really small death/thrash band out of the East Bay.

Last up is one that I think you all will like at least a little bit, VEKTOR! This is an audio interview, so once again you all get to hear my glorious (by which I mean extremely awkward) voice. Some details about the next album are unveiled, and David talks a lot about where he gets inspiration for the sci-fi themes on the albums.

I hope you all enjoy these, and feedback is more than welcome. I'm still super new to this, so any criticism you all have for me will help.

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