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Vektor -- Fullerton, CA -- September 3rd, 2012

First of two Vektor shows back to back. This show was the most fun of the two for me, since it was a free show and a ton of my friends came out making it one big party.

Witchaven was really on fire this night! Probably the best I've ever seen them, and I've seen them a ton! Pretty good for a band that hadn't practiced since their slaughter by the water show. If you haven't checked them out yet, get on it!

Vektor was absolutely amazing as usual! Seriously, these guys are the best band when it comes to small intimate venues. They are perfect! I actually pitted for this show and even participated in the wall of death. Maybe it was the alcohol in me Their set got cut short though, which was kinda disappointing. Still, they were great!

1. Cosmic Cortex
2. Black Future
3. Dying World
4. Tetrastructual Minds
5. Dark Nebula
6. Hunger for Violence
7. Outer Isolation
8. Asteroid
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