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I forgot about this thread.

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Whitechapel- This Is Exile (2008)

One of the first "extreme metal" albums I actually purchased before listening to any of. I was in F.Y.E. a few weeks after it's release trying to find teh most br00talist shit evar. Yeah I was young and inexperienced in metal. The band have dropped their heavily brutal death metal influenced riffage in favor of a more melodic tone. This is hardly As I Lay Dying style melodic leads. There is also a lot of soloing on this album. A common problem with deathcore bands is THEY CAN'T SOLO! This is not the case for Whitechapel. The solos found in songs like Possession and To All That Are Dead are brilliant, and a few more would've really helped the album a lot. There are probably more breakdowns on here than there were on The Somatic Defilement (a lot), but once again, they never use the same one twice. Phil Bozeman is still a good vocalist. He still sounds incredible and unique, and his higher vocals have improved a lot from the last album. Guy Kozowyk from The Red Chord also pops up on Exalt. He makes a good change from Phil's grunts and screams for all of two lines.The drums, once again, are excellent. The blasts are fast, the fills are expertly done, the breakdowns are groovy, the tone is great. The drums are just exactly what you need on an album. A perfect rhythm with lots of tempo changes and fast parts. The album also contains some bits between tracks where a distorted demonic voice is heard. I have no idea what it's supposed to represent, but it doesn't last long and really only serves as brief interludes. The final track also contains an ambient section that lasts most of the song, before going back to the Whitechapel sound with Phil growling "I AM THE END!" over and over, as low as he can. A great end to a great album. To this day it is still in my top 10 favorite albums.

Favorite Tracks:

Eternal Refuge (also one of my all time favorite tracks)

Father Of Lies


To All That Are Dead

Hey JD, here's that sweet ignorant deathcore
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