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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Oh yeah, christopher I know you're probably reading this bro, just wanted to say every things alright with me bro. Just been really busy with work(I work two jobs so i don't really ever have any sort of free time on the internet/computer these days). Anyways, sorry if my absence on metsetlist startled you bro(ahahha you seemed pretty worried, and i think i got a text from you like a couple of weeks ago or something). Hope to see you at a show again in the near future dude. I actually thought i saw you at tonights show, and went up to what i THOUGHT was you ahahah, but as i got closer i realized it wasn't you, and it was just some guy that had a beared identical to yours ahahha. ANYWAYS, Amazing show, incredibly long setlist, and a great way to make up for that horrific mayhem fest/slayer show that took place back in june.
I'm glad to see that you're back! I was kind of worried about you, so I sent you a text a few weeks ago. I had remembered you mentioning something horrible happening in your life and then you disappeared for a while. I wasn't able to make it out to either EHG show. Too bad you didn't show up earlier because Gravehill was on this bill and you would have loved them! I'm glad to see EHG are back to the monster sets again. The first time I saw them was in 09 at the Murderfest and they played from 11:35pm to 1:20am!! They came back a few months later and pretty much did the same length set we saw at POTR last summer, so I was bummed that they cut a headlining set in half.
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