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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post

Glad you had a badass time! Did Mike come up with anything random to say (as far as I can remember, every time I've seen them he made some sort of crack about society or the audience)?

...Looking back, I'm actually fairly certain that this is what they played in Austin back in May (some of the earlier songs match up and mine was incomplete), so...thanks for the setlist!
No problem bro, and yeah mike was definitely saying a lot of random shit. The problem was I wasn't really understanding half the shit that he was saying, ahhaha. I remember he said something about how he was gonna give out his cell number to anyone that wants it after the show is over, i wonder if he really did ahhaha. I just really love the fact that he pointed me out and my dark angel shirt and acknowledged the band. Didn't think mike was a big fan of thrash metal. And trust me, there were tons of people in metal shirts, but it was great and totally unexpected that he picked me of all people.

Interesting, it seems like no one on these neck of the woods has posted any sets from their recent North America Tour, tonight was the last show and luckily i'm glad i was able to add another EHG" setlist" to the hall of Sets in the metal setlist board. And yup, that setlist is 100 percent accurate, my brother. It just blows me away how much songs they kept busting out. Everytime I thought it was coming to an end they would bust out another song, then another, then when you thought it was over, another couple more!!!. Take As needed for Pain was one I didn't expect, but goddamn I was loosing my goddamn cool during that entire classic song.

Sorry for the long rants, I tend to get this way after just coming out from a show. They played from 11:35 pm to 1:10 am, and its only 3 in the morning over here but damn i still got that energy from the show left in me.
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