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Eyehategod -- Santa Ana, CA -- September 4th, 2012

sup guys...

Source: Sepultura69 aka.. Me..aka.. Long time no see folks. been awhile

New Orleans Is the New Vietnam
Story of the Eye
Jack Ass in the Will of God
White Nigger
$30 Bag
Sisterfucker (Part I)
Dixie Whiskey
Lack of Almost Everything
Masters of Legalized Confusion
Run It Into the Ground
Left to Starve
Take as Needed for Pain
Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere
Blood Money
99 Miles of Bad Road
Medicine Noose
My Name Is God (I Hate You)
Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)

Hands down, one of the longest sets and easily one of the best that i have seen a band bust out. Seriously, Power of the riff 2011 was just a sneak preview compared to what these fuckers busted out tonight. I practically lost my fucking shit when they busted out the opening riff for "Blank", I'M TALKING APE SHIT STATUS, i was head banging and shaking like a fucking spooked up skitzo on pcp till the very last notes of the song was finished. Fuck they were so heavy and thick. Every single note being spewed out was just beyond heavy, super thick, loud bouncy waves of sludgy heavy thick riffs pummeling each other as mike was screaming like a fucking loon.

luckily the venue was only 10 minutes away from my pad so once i got to the show and found out that eyehategod wasn't coming on stage for another 3 hours i just headed back home to fuck around and kill time before I return to the Observatory. Aahhaha I eventually returned to the observatory around 11:10pm, thankfully the show wasn't pack at all, especially compared to the the last time i saw eyehategod. Tonights show probably had no more than maybe 60-70 people, but no biggie, plus since the show wasn't filled with people it gave me the perfect opportunity to go right up in the very front stage right smack dab next to the band members, and this time i managed to stick around with the band from start to the very end of the show, where else at the power of the riff fest i left the very front after about two songs in(definitely a lot more rowdier, intense beyond belief, and too much stuff was going on at once, plus i was getting so crushed that i seriously thought i was gonna die of no oxygen). I definitely will say this show felt a hell of a lot more "relaxing" and smooth sailing compared to the last time I saw eyehategod, ahahah which probably explains why i manage to stick around in the very front of the bands presence from start to finish at tonights gig.

Whats to say what I haven't said already about this band(Refer to the power of the riff 2011 thread/review for a better idea of what i'm talking about). Anyways, as usual; Pretty heavy show. Eyehategod are such a great live act, and a sight to behold. Very entertaining loony sludgy mother fuckers who like to drink and smoke while busting out some heavy tune age, speaking of which; the band was practically lighting cigarettes and drinking their asses off during their Near-Two hour set. Jimmy aka BOWER POWER Braught his a game with sludge filled doomy goodness and mike just sounded like a fucking nutcase all the way till the last bit of PEACE THRU WAR. Great show, and I'm really glad i ended up making it to the show and out in one peace. AGAIN, Not much really to say that hasn't already been said(once again, refer to christophers power of the riff 2011 review/setlist thread to get a better idea at what I'm talking about ahahah).

I ended up getting right in the very front of the venue, luckily the constellation room at the observatory is a really small room that doesn't have any barricades so it felt very personal, and intimate to be a lot closer to the band(which also meant there was tons of crowed surfing since everyone had easy access on getting on the stage). i was right up front right under jimmys sweaty chin, just air guitar doodling and loosing my fucking cool through out what felt like nearly FOREVER. SERIOUSLY, The band came on at 11:20 pm, set their equipment up, lit some cigarettes while tuning and getting their gear ready. by 11:35 the opening riff for "new orleans is the new vietnam" started and boom, the band started what would feel like one of the longest sets i have seen a band bust out, since...shit, since Autopsy at the echoplex back in January of this year(which is still as far as I'm concerned..The best show of 2012 for me). The highlight of the show was hearing Blank, Take as needed for Pain, and near the very very end of the show as they were coming to an end to their set I start to hear the bassist playing the first few bass notes for "My Name is God I HATE YOU" and soon enough jimmy and the rest roared right into the main riff and pummeled my body with their heavy thick induced sludgy piece of heavenly goodness.. It was just a perfect way to end the show because "My name is god I HATE YOU" is hands down in my top 10 eyehategod songs, and a very personal favorite of mine. It was even more better that they saved it as the 2nd to last song to finish what was easily a great show tonight. During the part where the song goes towards that fast crazy tempo at the two minute mark was easily the highlight of the entire show for me, Mike just sounded unreal belching out those lyrics, holy hell...

Oh yeah, ahhaha another classic segment was when the band stopped playing music to take a moment to chill so mike can chat and talk to the fans and crowed before roaring into the next track, as he was walking around the stage mike started talking about all the shirts that he sees people wearing in the crowed, talking about how he scoping them all out....and then he puts me right on the spot!! Out of all people! It was awesome and a really cool moment, ahahha! He points right at me and looks right into my face and says in the microphone "Hey this guy is wearing a Dark Angel shirt, awesome fucking shirt man, great fucking band", it just felt so great to get that spot light for a split second ahahha. DARK ANGEL REPRESENT MOTHER FUCKERS.

Anyways not much else to say. Oh yeah, christopher I know you're probably reading this bro, just wanted to say every things alright with me bro. Just been really busy with work(I work two jobs so i don't really ever have any sort of free time on the internet/computer these days). Anyways, sorry if my absence on metsetlist startled you bro(ahahha you seemed pretty worried, and i think i got a text from you like a couple of weeks ago or something). Hope to see you at a show again in the near future dude. I actually thought i saw you at tonights show, and went up to what i THOUGHT was you ahahah, but as i got closer i realized it wasn't you, and it was just some guy that had a beared identical to yours ahahha. ANYWAYS, Amazing show, incredibly long setlist, and a great way to make up for that horrific mayhem fest/slayer show that took place back in june.

Peace Folks. until next time.

KEEP it real

Keet it Metal.

Much love peepz
8/31 - Sleep
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