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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Ryback is so boring. Wrestles like him come by the numbers, just another generic powerhouse meat head. Maybe I'm wrong but all his matches have been against jobbers and doing the same shit. WWE needs to emphasize on technical and more high flying wrestling.
I'm tired of reading on the internet when people say this guy or that guy can't wreslte. Well, guess what? That's not the role some guys are best for. Guys like Ryback, Big Show and Kane for example are not there to wrestle. They're there to kick people's asses and there's room for both ass kickers and technical masters in wrestling. Always has been and always will be.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
The Wrestlemania X8 crowd was really good (I was there too) but it was insane during Rock vs. Hogan. Don't listen when the vingettes say the crowd was split 50/50. I'd say it was closer to 62,000 for Hogan, 6,000 for the Rock. I've never heard a louder crowd, even at concerts. That's one of those wrestling moments I with I could relive.
Yeah, 95 percent of the crowd was for Hogan. That was such a great experience. I've been going to wrestling shows since the mid 80s. I've been to RAW and Smackdown taping's and a number of PPVs and i've never been apart of a crowd like that one. They weren't hot only for Hogan/Rock but for pretty much the whole show.

Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
I'll never understand the love for Hulk Hogan. If any guy defines boring as fuck its him.
If you wanted show your ignorance as a wrestling fan, then you've done it with this statement. If you don't understand the love people have for Hogan you just don't get what pro wrestling is about. Yes, he's not a good wrestler but neither is the Rock. Hogan was an entertainer, just like the crock, and had a character that was universally loved because his charisma was off the charts. Let's put it this way, The Rock wishes he had the charisma Hogan had from 1984-1992. He brought in millions of fans, myself included, a lot of those fans are still around today. Without Hogan WWF/E would've died years ago. Yes, Hogan is THAT important to the hostory of wrestling.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
AJ is a awesome character in whatever she does (and she is so god damn sexy)
She also grew up a wrestling fan so she actually wants to do this unlike the female models the WWE hire to "wrestle". She also plays video games and reads comic books which at least for me, adds to her sexiness.
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