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Originally Posted by Blacktooth85 View Post
What? From the times I've seen those 3 songs live there was barely a crowd reaction compared to the other songs. I'm sure If they broke out Skull Beneath the Skin, Rattlehead, The Title Track there would be a way bigger pop than when they play She-Wolf, A Toute Monde, or Reckoning Day. I know they've played Rattlehead live a few times in 2010, and from the youtube videos the crowd went crazy.
You must've been part of some lame crowds then. Maybe not so much with She-Wolf, but every time i've heard them do Rockoning Day and A Toute Le Monde they got great reactions from the crowd.

I think not playing anything off the first album just boils down to Dave not liking it too much. He was ignoring the album live long before he found religion so we know that's not the reason.
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