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Originally Posted by Nater View Post
The Kane/Dbry anger management stuff has been golden and easily my favorite part of Raw the past couple weeks. I also think Ryback is the man.
Ryback is so boring. Wrestles like him come by the numbers, just another generic powerhouse meat head. Maybe I'm wrong but all his matches have been against jobbers and doing the same shit. WWE needs to emphasize on technical and more high flying wrestling.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Oh yeah? Well, I went to Wrestlemania 18 in Toronto

Last night's RAW was good. I can't believe the fans voted for Kane & Bryan to "hug it out" when it's so obvious they should be a tag team. They play too well off each other and it would just be stupid for the WWE to let a golden opportunity like that slip away. Plus, if they want to give the tag division some credibility putting the belts on the duo of Kane and Bryan is a good way to do that.

They also might want to change the look of the tag titles. Part of making a title valuable is what the belt looks like to. If it looks like shit, like the current ones do, then no one will take it seriously. The level of the IC title was raised greatly by bringing the old design back. They need to do that with the tag titles.

They need to bring back the tag title design they had from the mid 80s all the way up to 2002. Guys looked like champions when they wore those, now I don't know what to make of those belts. The same goes for the current WWE Championship design. Until they get rid of that and actually make it look like a championship, the world heavyweight title will still be the most credible title they have.
Fuuuck that Wrestlemania crowd live must of been epic. Totally agree with you here on the titles stuff, those tag tittles look like huge pennies so stupid. That WWE title has looked lame since it first dawned but that shit sells so Vince will never change it. I'm pretty sure they'll make Bryan and Kane a tag team just gonna make that anger management thing carry on more. I think there gonna try to throw AJ into anger management then make her their manager and go to dominate the tag team division, now that would awesome. Throw in Rey and Sin Cara as a tag team and we got a decent division.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I watched the first fifteen minutes of Raw and made it up until AJ did her skip around the ring. I hate it when the WWE insists in characters ALWAYS doing their little quirks no matter what. Why not have her come out, do her skip, go into the ring and make her announcement? Having her skip at the end I just saw Vince McMahon reminding her before she went on, "don't forget to skip, people think you're crazy" then when she was on going through her head "enter-pose-skip-talk-skip, enter-pose-skip-talk-skip;...oh shit I forgot the first skip".

That's a character that people are going to loath in the years to come.
That skipping shit just seems random plus her character doesn't seem crazy any more. She just comes out and announces a match like any other manager.