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Originally Posted by Blacktooth85 View Post
Why would he think his fans would rather hear shit from Cryptic Writings or Youthansia rather than KIMB
Because the bulk of the people who go to see Megadeth do. I know it's not metal to cater to the masses but when you've got two albums that went platinum in the US like Youthanasia and CW have, bands tend to lean towards the stuff that is more well known and more people have bought. I thought everyone was done with the whole "why doesn't Dave do anything off KIMB?" whining years ago. He doesn't play anything off it, forget about it and move on, that's what i've done. Plus, if you've ever heard the reaction songs like Reckoning Day, A Toute Le Monde and She-Wolf get live, there would be no doubt in your mind as to why he plays those songs.

In 1997 I saw them do Mechanix and the only special thing about it was that the people were singing the words to The Four Horsemen instead of what Dave was singing. It made sense to since Horsemen is the vastly superior song. Dave might not care for the first album either. If an artist doesn't care for something they wrote or thinks the songs don't sound good live, do you really want them to play it just to be different if all they're probably gonna do is play a song shitty because they don't like it? I know I wouldn't want that.
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