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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
it's cool that he finally threw some interesting stuff in there, but i can't support this maniac anymore with the stuff he's been saying lately. dude has gone off the deep end with more & more incorrect & disgusting crackpot opinions. he's not getting my $.
What interesting stuff did he play though, really?

Other than playing Countdown in its entirety, he still played the same old shit. Instead of Trust, play The Disintegrators. Instead of A Tout Le Monde, play Reckoning Day. Instead of Peace Sells, play Black Friday... Or at least play Set the World Afire instead of one of those new songs. Countdown is only a mediocre album, about as good as Metallica's self-titled, so the really interesting stuff has to come from somewhere else, and this set list doesn't have it. At least Metallica have been playing most of their back catalogue... Dave thinks fans would rather hear A Tout Le Monde and She-Wolf every fucking show!
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