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Vektor -- San Francisco, CA -- September 2nd, 2012

Fucking fantastic show, Vektor played a full 90 minutes and Hatchet were killer support as always. Probably 100 people at the show, all went crazy for Vektor. The audience demanded another song before the band even had the chance to put down their stuff, so they played Asteroid. I interviewed David before their set, I let him say everything he wanted to, hopefully turtle won't yell at me haha. As for merch, Vektor had Black Future and Outer Isolation CDs, a Black Future double sided tee, an Outer Isolation tee and maybe some other small things that I don't remember. They're definitely out of patches though. Also got to hang with a lot of friends at the show, including slap. It was good running into you dude! I ended up crashing in SF with Hatchet dudes and other friends after some post-show fun. A great night overall!

1. Silenced by Death
2. Morlock's Tomb
3. Screams of the Night
4. Frozen Hell
5. Signals of Infection
6. Awaiting Evil

1. Cosmic Cortex
2. Black Future
3. Dying World
4. Echoless Chamber
5. Tetrastructural Minds
6. Dark Nebula
7. Hunger for Violence
8. DNA
9. Oblivion
10. Outer Isolation
11. Asteroid

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