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Megadeth -- Bogota, Colombia -- September 2nd, 2012

First show of this Southamerican Leg, I don't have tickets for the TWO shows in Santiago, next friday and saturday, they were too expensive and Dave booked on purpose a smaller venue, to make the concerts more intimate. Anyway.

Hangar 18
A Tout Le Monde
Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Public Enemy No. 1
Skin o' My Teeth
Symphony of Destruction
Architecture of Aggression (World Premiere)
Foreclosure of a Dream
Sweating Bullets
This Was My Life (First time played since 1995)
Countdown to Extinction (First time played since 1998)
High Speed Dirt
Psychotron (World Premiere)
Captive Honour (World Premiere)
Ashes in Your Mouth
Peace Sells
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Silent Scorn Outro
I'm out of money so I will miss every show from here to eternity
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