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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Dude I don't even know how the hell you found a lot of that stuff here in the US instead of the UK or something! I have to admit, I cheated and ordered a few of those records in my collection through eBay or MusicStack, but you have so many crazy rare albums and singles that you had to have found most of them in person I'm assuming. I'd love to really take a week (and a few hundred dollars...) and raid Portland and Seattle for records, but that won't be happening for a long time I think. I'll just have to settle for the rare Amoeba and Rasputin runs in Berkeley and SF I suppose.
There have been times that I've ordered stuff, but that's mostly more recent stuff ever since East Side Records closed down out here. Mostly, I've just been collecting stuff for a long time. I'm in my early 30s and have been going to metal/hardcore shows since I was 14, so there's plenty of records I picked up at shows directly from bands, or in random distros. East Side Records in Tempe was also a regular haunt for me from the age of 14 up until they closed about 2 years ago. I used to find all kinds of great stuff there, mostly punk stuff. There was also a used record store called Tracks in Wax in downtown Phoenix. I got a lot of my Motorhead, Priest, Maiden type stuff there. Nowadays there's a place in Phoenix called Revolver Records. It's still relatively new and building itself up, but I've found some great stuff there on occasion.
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