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Messe des Morts II : The festival page detailing all three days as well as ticket info will be up during the day, in the meantime, here is the FULL LINEUP of the Fest!! Please note that Ephemer will not be able to make it this year because of an injury sustained by one member of the band.

- Ragnarok (Norway, first North-American show ever!!)
- Revenge (Alberta, first Canadian show ever!!)
- Darkspace (Switzerland, first North-American show ever!!)
- Black Witchery (USA, first Québec/Ontario show ever!!)
- Seth (France, first North-American show ever!!)
- Mgla (Poland, first North-American show ever!!)
- Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany, first Canadian show ever!!)
- Isvind (Norway, first North-American show ever!!)
- Panzerfaust (Ontario)
- Neige Éternelle (Québec)
- Thantifaxath (Ontario)
- Sylvus (Ontario)
- Mortuas (Québec)
- Scum Sentinel (Québec)
- Sortilegia (Ontario, first Montréal show)
- Sarcomancy (USA, first Canadian show ever!!)
- Haeres (Québec)
- Verglas (Québec)
from the Messe des Morts facebook. Can't fucking wait, and @ Revenge having never played Canada before!
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