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Nonpoint -- St. Petersburg, FL -- September 1st, 2012

Nonpoint - This band is just 100% pure adrenaline pumping hard rock/nu metal, there isn't much to say other than the fact that they were nearly flaweless, I would definitely go see them again. - 9/10

Eye Empire - I had never listened to the band until recently, and the recordings online were just "ok", they didn't really have anything special to them, but that opinion changed big time after seeing them live, their recordings don't do them justice, they had such an amazing connection with the crowd, I'd go see them again one day. - 8/10

3rd band whose name i can't remember - They were like a Papa Roach meets Static-X, very odd but entertaining, they were a fun band but not someone I'd pay more than $5 to see again. - 5/10

Through The Line - These guys might very well be the next big thing in metalcore, very Unearth/Trivium-ish. - 6/10

Sugar Phix - A very good hard rock band, I sort of know the guys in the band and think that they will go far with it, oh and i forgot to mention their drummer is only 12 years old, and he's awesome, go check them out if you get a chance. - 7/10

Sugar Phix

Eye Empire


Signed Nonpoint setlist

Noinpoint and Eye Empire picks, the back of the EE pick is signed by the guitarist.

Nonpoint setlist

Mind Trip
I Said It
What A Day
Your Signs
Left For You
Broken Bones
Hands Off
The Wreckoning
Bullet With A Name

Eye Empire setlist

Ignite (Moment Of Impact)
The Great Deceiver
Bull In A China Shop
Angels & Demons
Self Destructive
Victim (Of The System)
I Pray

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