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Korpiklaani -- Joliet, IL -- September 1st, 2012

When I walked into the venue, I was met with possibly one of the most chaotic sites that I've ever seen: like 20-25 people in the pit just whacking the shit out of each other with foam pool noodles. I can't even explain how ridiculous it was. This was for this local band called Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew or something to that effect. They weren't that good musically, but I'll be damned if their live show wasn't fun as hell! They played music somewhat similar to Swashbuckle, had a drum machine and a hot chick playing guitar/accordion.

Anyway, after them came Metsatoll who I'd never really listened to too much, but have heard the name thrown around here and there. They played an especially folky brand of folk metal and were really fun to watch. Their bagpipe/flute/whatever-the-hell-else player had one of the deepest voices I've ever heard.

Tyr came on next and were probably the band I was most looking forward to seeing and while they were really, really good, I couldn't help but be disappointed because they didn't play my favorite song (Regin Smidur) which I would most definitely rank in my top 50 songs ever. Their set was also pretty heavy on their new album, which is alright, but I would have preferred more diversity among their releases. They didn't even play anything off of Eric the Red! I got their set (and the other two band's sets) from and it (and the other two) look correct to the best of my knowledge.

1. Flames of the Free
2. Shadow of the Swastika
3. Hall of Freedom
4. Sinklars Vísa
5. Tróndur Í Gøtu
6. Evening Star
7. Hold the Heathen Hammer High
8. By the Sword in My Hand
9. The Lay of Thrym

Moonsorrow came on after some ominous music was playing while they were setting up. Moonsorrow live can pretty much be summed up as: holy fuck! They just blew me away. I wasn't sure that the epicness of the music would translate live, but it fucking did and then some! I was also pleased that they got a really decent set length. I was expecting some 45 minute/3 song bullshit. Also, I didn't really expect people to really mosh for them, but they probably had the craziest pit of the night.

1. Tähdetön
2. Kivenkantaja
3. Kylan Paassa
4. Sankaritarina
5. Kuolleiden Maa

Korpiklaani gets mad respect (dawg) in my book for playing Eläkeläiset (a Finnish humppa band that plays covers of popular songs...check 'em out) while they set up. In my opinion, it's never been fair for Korpiklaani either time I've seen them because they always have to follow such amazing bands (Arkona and Moonsorrow), so I am always underwhelmed by them. That being said, they still put on a fun show. The set list was real heavy on the new album, so much so that I didn't recognize that many songs. Speaking of the new album, they wanted $20 for it...fuck that! All the merch was pretty expensive. When they came out for the encores, Jonne asked what we wanted to hear and appeased the person screaming for Wooden Pints and then concluded with the instrumental Pellonpekko. Anyway, here's the set list:

1. Tuonelan tuvilla
2. Ievan polkka
3. Juodaan viinaa (Hector cover)
4. Langetus
5. Vaarinpolkka
6. Lonkkaluut
7. Metsälle
8. Viima
9. Vodka
10. Rauta
11. Happy Little Boozer
12. Tequila
13. Beer Beer

14. Wooden Pints
15. Pellonpekko
1/22 Artificial Brain ?
1/27 Koffin Kats ?
2/10 Marduk
2/14 Death Angel ?
2/17 Overkill
2/18 Deterioration
2/23 Immolation ?
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