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Cormorant -- San Francisco, CA -- September 1st, 2012

1. Scavengers Feast
2. Funambulist
3. Blood on the Cornfields
4. Unearthly Dreamings

Probably the most incredible 25 minute set I've ever seen- totally worth the $8 ticket. This was at Slim's, probably the single best venue SF has to offer.

Basically I didn't think I was gonna go to this show at all. I was at Trakworx Studio all day (ironically where Dwellings was recorded/mixed/mastered and where Metazoa was mastered) and I thought I wasn't gonna be out until 10 PM. Some time in the day I remembered that Cormorant had a show at Slim's but that I wasn't able to go for some reason. I decided to check again for the hell of it and I saw that it was tonight. Then my boss and I finished up at Trakworx at like 7:30 instead of 10 so I figured "fuck it, I'll go." I ended up being the only one outside Slim's before the doors opened. All the bands were local, and tonight Slim's was more of a bar with random heavy rock bands as background music instead of a concert venue. I introduced myself to Arthur when I saw him, and we talked about Vektor, Justin Weis (my boss at Trakworx and the guy who manned the board for so many amazing albums), and other random topics. Just for the hell of it, I explained that I also wrote for Metal Assault and asked if he would be interested in an interview if he had nothing better to do. Dude actually said yes and said he'd get everyone involved!

So their set went above and beyond my expectations. They were perfect. Like honest to god, perfect. The sound was amazing, and the performances were just flawless. Arthur would headbang when he could, and one could really hear and see what a great bassist he is. I seriously lost my shit during Funambulist during the headbangy part. You know when I'm talking about. I was probably the youngest guy among the 50 or so people there. There were maybe a dozen or so actual Cormorant fans there, everyone else was just there to hang out (and for good reason, Slim's is the coolest fucking place ever) or were friends of the bands.

After their set, Arthur found me and took me to the outside area for the interview. After everyone was gathered, I started recording and we just shot the shit for a few minutes before I even started asking questions. The interview was really, really great- everyone in the band are very talkative, intelligent and just very cool in general. Hopefully you all will like how I did the interview when I post it!

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I've got three full days in the studio coming up, the Vektor show with an interview tomorrow, and I gotta transcribe this Cormorant interview before Tuesday when they go on tour. Time to get to work!

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