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Thumbs up Scorpions -- Athens, Greece -- July 18th, 2005

1) New Generation
2)Love Em or Leave Em
3) Bad Boys Running Wild
4)The Zoo
5)Make It Real
6)Deep n Dark
7)We'll Burn The Sky
8)Coast To Coast
10)In Trance
11)Wind Of Change
12)No One Like You
13)Tease Me Please Me
14) Loving You Sunday Morning
15) Kottac Attack
17)He's A Woman She's A Man
18)Hit Between The Eyes
19)Big City Nights

20)Coming Home/Still Loving You
21)Rock You Like A Hurricane
22)When The Smoke Is Going Down

Can't wait for 7/31!!!! If they do this setlist (insert drool smiley here)

Edit: Looks like they have been changing the set up bit in different cities but sticking to this basic set
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