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White Wizzard -- Atlanta, GA -- August 25th, 2012

I just posted my review of the White Wizzard/Icarus Witch/Widow show here in Atlanta last weekend. Even if White Wizzard is on their 48th singer, they still put on an amazing show and new singer Joseph Michael really took it to a whole new level. What an amazing voice. Anyways, here's a link to the review! Enjoy!

Widow Setlist:
Take Hold of the Night, Re-Animate Her, Lady Twilight, An American Werewolf in Raleigh, Nightlife, Embrace It, Angel Sin, The Pleasure of Exorcism

Icarus Witch Setlist:
The End, (We Are) The New Revolution, Rise, Tragedy, In the Dark, Out for Blood, Black Candles

White Wizzard Setlist:
Torpedo of Truth, 40 Deuces, Celestina, Out of Control, Starchild, Flying Tigers, Iron Goddess of Vengeance, Over The Top, High Speed GTO
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