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Mr. Bungle is the best live band I ever saw. It was on their final tour for California. Just awesome musicianship and, you know, Mike Patton. I'll never forget in the breakdown/chaos section of Good-bye Sober Day he starts singing in a high-pitched Indian female voice. It was fucking AWESOME!

Shallow, North Dakota was a sludge band from Hamilton, Ontario and they were just one of the heaviest bands I ever saw in my life. And they would play passages that were so hypnotic. They had a 300+ pound guy playing drums and singing and at one show he just hit, no SMASHED, his one cymbal for about ten minutes. You'd think that would get boring but it worked. Another show the guitar player just strummed one chord for five minutes. Again, it was awesome. They've long since broken up.

Some other notables are Negura Bunget, Virgin Black, Enslaved, Suffocation, and Napalm Death.
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