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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
dcmetal108, sanitarium78 is right. Dark match same thing when I went to Smackdown taping in SD, Mysterio vs Kane in a Cage match. It was beyond lame, they had a cheap cage set up and it was like 5 mins max. Usually that's what they are, short go home matches where face wins.

Also I really do hope they dont take the title off of CM Punk and build him up to be an awesome heel and eventually feuds with The Rock. Just think of them promos they would put on.
I know that cheap cage you're talking about. At a house show back in 2003 when Kane was feuding with Shane McMahon there was a cage match booked. Everyone was excited because we knew what Shane was capable of doing to himself with a cage (even though it was a house show we expected at least one decent spot). Then they set up this tiny little cage that Kane was actually only six inches shorter than and the match was an absolute bore. Everyone in attendance (and there were a lot, it was at the Air Canada Center in Toronto) was like, "what the fuck!?!?! Survivor Series better not be that bad!?!?!". Their match at Survivor Series 2003 was a few weeks later and didn't live up to expectation either.

That goes back to the whole Kane not being all that great all the time discussion a few pages back.
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