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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Really? Laaame. I read that CM Punk and Seth Rollins are gonna team up against Cesaro and Chris Hero in some ROH dream match for an upcoming NXT taping or something. I hope thats true and they start putting Cesaro on TV more.
That was a special dark match that took place after the recent round of NXT tapings. The match wasn't recorded and was just a special thing for the fans in attendance. It's not like it matters since nobody watched ROH when those guys were in it anyways. Oh wait, nobody watches ROH now either.

Ok, i've trashed the garbage that is the current WWE product enough lately. Let's talk about what's good in wrestling at the moment and that's TNA Impact. Yes, you heard it right, TNA currently has the best weekly televised wrestling product right now. It has been for almost a year now. Last fall they finally decided to fire Vince Russo as the head booker and very slowly the company has gotten their heads out of their asses and the product has direction and has improved greatly.

They have good matches every week that go longer than two minutes. They also put an emphasis on championships and make them matter. They also got about 12 guys who are believeable threats to the world title so it doesn't get stale like the WWE where they have the same four guys fight for the belt for months on end.

Yes, they still have a lot of old WWE guys they use a lot but none of them have been world champ for almost a year now. They still use them and focus on them but the former WWE guys are no longer THE focus of the company. Robert Roode has been the best heel in wrestling the past year and his world title run from November of last year until Austin Aries beat him two months ago was great.

Some of you ROH/Indy nerds might know who Austin Aries is. He's a great overall worker, he's as talented as Punk or Byan both in the ring and on the mic. He's done a very good job so far as world champ and being the companys top face.

Is TNA perfect? No, only Curt Henning is that. But they've built their whole roster up pretty well and always put on a solid show every week and they actually get you to care a little bit about things unlike the WWE.

Impact is on thursday nights at 8 on Spike TV. Give it a shot and watch it for a month or so, I garuntee you'll find something that will make it worth your time to watch it.

Oh yeah, they also have AJ Fuckin Styles to
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