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Hey people,

The Honorable illuminatus917 told me to pop in here because people wanted my CD list, and I'm happy to do that on my lunch break, but oy! The slander I'm seeing in this thread! Thought I should pop in and clear a few things up.

Yes, I am selling all of my CDs. The reasons are many, but none of them have to do with shifting music taste or a lessened allegiance to financially supporting bands. Quite the opposite, actually.

A lot of us grew up in the era where the CD was the dominant format, especially in the era when CDs and iTunes did not overlap. If you wanted a high quality music file on your computer as well as your stereo, you had to buy the CD, and that was that.

Today, that simply isn't the case. Between iTunes (and the iTunes Store), Spotify, and a dozen more digital music resources, when you're listening to a "file," it's rarely if ever on the actual laser-read disc that a factory put music onto. How many of you carry around a boombox in 2012?

This has been true for me for years, but I always kept my CDs because they were a "collection." Except this wasn't true either, because as a college student and now young professional, I move all the damn time. Across four moves in as many years, my CDs stayed in cardboard boxes and were constantly in transit. Isn't a huge part of collecting having a display for said collection? Mine wasn't functioning on that level.

Now that I work in the music industry (and have a desk job that keeps me plugged into Spotify and iTunes nine hours a day), I listen to more music than ever. Not wanting a CD collection to hang like a fucking albatross around my neck has nothing to do with the space music occupies in my life.

I simply know that dumping the entire collection will not change my listening habits one iota -- I'll use the aux cord on my iPhone in the car to access any of the music I own or Spotify radio via 3G, I'll stream at work, I'll play from the iTunes interface at home if I'm multitasking or at Barnes & Noble while I write -- and when I start building a vinyl collection, my listening experience will actually improve tenfold as I'm forced to make "music listening" an activity in and of itself more often.

So please, reserve your judgment, and I'll reserve mine. If you want my CDs, I'm happy to sell them to you for dirt nothing (they're going at an average of less than $3 a pop). I'm just not the same listener I was ten or even five years ago.
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