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As far as the most consistently awesome live bands, I'd have to say Exhumed, Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore and The Black Dahlia Murder. Whitechapel was always really fucking fun and energetic, but the last two times I saw them they were god awful.

One of the most fun to watch was Enter Shikari because they were just going fucking nuts and climbing on/jumping off everything on the inflatable Warped Tour stage.

I thought Iron Maiden was excellent both times I saw them, granted I saw them two days in a row, so not much changed besides the stage being able to accommodate all of their set up.

The two best live bands I've ever witnessed though were Dethklok and Rammstein. Both just floored me with how awesome they were in their own respects.

I'll probably think of a shitload more after I post this...

And I did: Morbid Saint has been the best band that I've seen this year. They were just so fucking good live.
And of course, Arkona is just so fun to watch. Their music translates so well to a live environment.
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