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Evanescence -- Holmdel, NJ -- August 29th, 2012

Hey, guys... just got back from the Carnival of Madness in New Jersey. Figured I'd share a few of the setlists along with my experiences.

My favorite radio station from my area, WDHA 105.5, was broadcasting live from the show. I got to meet the hosts, which was actually really cool. They practically live in my house and car; they're all I listen to when I turn on the radio.

I got there right around the time specified on the ticket, which was about 5:00P.M. Some band I had never heard of called New Medicine opened up. Even though I never heard them before, and they were nothing special, they played their hearts out and had fun doing it. Much respect to anyone for that.

After Cavo played a few songs, Halestorm took the stage. Here's their setlist:

"Love Bites (But So Do I)"
"Mz. Hyde"
"It's Not You"
"Break In"
"Rock Show"
"You Call Me A Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing"
"I Miss the Misery"
"I Get Off"
"Here's To Us"

First of all, in addition to being incredibly sexy, Lzzy Hale flat out kicks ass. Man, that chicks got some pipes. Her voice is awesome and she crushed every song. My only complaint is that they didn't play enough songs. AreJay Hale, the drummer, was probably the most fun drummer I've ever seen (so far) to watch; very dynamic, animated, and entertaining. Halestorm TOTALLY brought it, and did not disappoint. During the song "Break In", Amy Lee from Evanescence came out and her and Lzzy did a totally killer duet. If you haven't heard of Halestorm, I'd really recommend checking them out. They're just a fun, kick-ass rock band that's easy to listen and jam to.

Chevelle came next, and despite Evanescence being the headliner, Chevelle was the band I actually wanted to see the most. Here's Chevelle's setlist:

"Sleep Apnea"
"Hats Of To The Bull"
"The Meddler"
"The Clincher"
"I Get It"
"Send The Pain Below"
"Comfortable Liar"
"The Red"
"Face To The Floor"

Before the show started, I mentioned to my friend that I read some reviews, and heard Chevelle didn't always put on a great show. I was hoping that this was wrong, of course, but as soon as they began playing, my friend made a great point that I couldn't help but notice myself also.

The lead singer, Pete Loeffler, had a bad habit of pulling away from the mic before he finished his verses, so we kept losing a lot of his words. It became pretty frustrating, to be honest, because if it weren't for that, the show would have been perfect (has anyone else been to the Carnival of Madness Tour and notice this as well?). It wasn't that big of a deal though, and I still really enjoyed the performance. They played a whole bunch of songs from their new album, and even though the new album rocks, I still kinda wish they played more of their older stuff. "Send The Pain Below" was awesome, and "Comfortable Liar" was a real suprise; I never expected them to play that one. Chevelle is one of my favorite bands; they didn't put on the greatest performance I've ever seen, but I still definitely enjoyed it, and I'm happy I can cross off one of my favorite bands from the list of bands I need to see.

Evanescene closed it all out, and they brought a fuck load of energy to the stage. I was never a huge fan of Evanescence, and I never really listened to them extensively, but they sure know how to put on a good show. I can't provide a setlist for them, because I'm not familiar with most of their songs aside of the more popular ones that get played on the radio, but they played "Bring Me To Life", "Call Me When You're Sober", "What You Want", and "My Immortal" which was suprisingly intense live.

Great show, great night, great time. So happy I got to be there. I've got pictures if anyone would like to see them. If anyone else was at the show, I'd love to hear from ya.

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