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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
And yes..... The Rock vs CM Punk would be amazing, even the promos. Both are amazing on the microphone. Why must Cena be the "Face of WWE" (not like Face/Heel, but THE GUY) when CM Punk is so much more entertaining.
Because he stills sells merch which has created a comfort zone for Vince. Pathetic really since Cena has been stale since forever. He cant wrestle and has the same formula: get beat up 90% of the match "overcome the odds" even though his biceps are bigger than his opponent, 5 moves of doom, win. Case in point his match with Bryan. And then his mic work...oh god. Anyways, remember when Punk cut that sick promo and started saying Vince is a millionaire who should be a billionaire. I agree if Vince listened to the fans and focused on wrestling and a more PG13+ product WWE would have more fans and whatnot. Idk just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
So, I guess the WWE has already forgotten about Antonio Cesaro and that he won the US title from Santino on the Summerslam preshow, huh? I read the Smackdown spoliers for this weeks show and he wasn't on it. The only time he's appeared since winning the title was on SD last week. Not a good way to start off a title run when he's only appeared on one of the four TV shows they've had since winning it. Too bad titles don't mean anything anymore, the only reason the WWE still has them now is so they can use them as props to help sell replicas of them on their web page.
Really? Laaame. I read that CM Punk and Seth Rollins are gonna team up against Cesaro and Chris Hero in some ROH dream match for an upcoming NXT taping or something. I hope thats true and they start putting Cesaro on TV more.
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