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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I see. I've only been watching since like 95' that I can remember, I mean I was only two in 95' haha.
I was two in 1980. The main event dark match that they do at TV tapings I believe started because they wanted to increase attendance at the shows. It's a good idea to, give the local fans a world title match and it will probably get more people to buy tickets just for that. I'm not sure how well it's worked but improving the overall product is the main thing they need to do to boost attendance.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I agree, but I really liked Lawler as a heel against Bret Hart in the mid-1990's. And as I said a few pages back, his segment in ECW at Barely Legal '97 is one of my favorite moments in wrestling ever.
Lawler has always been annoying as fuck. His feud with Bret was fucking awful and hard to watch at times and it had nothiing to do with Bret. He was unbareable in that ECW storyline in '97 as well and it's all because he just sucks so bad at what he does. He was never talented enough to make it on a major scale and his terrible work in his two biggest rivarlries ever shows why he'll always be minor leauge for life.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Lawler was the top guy in Memphis in the 80's, which were the last days of the territory days. Like it or not, that does mean something.
Not really. It's like saying because a local band is the top local band in your area it means something. If they never go anywhere and continue to play the genreal region for the rest of their active days, overall what they've done doesn't mean anything. That pretty much sums up what Lawler's wrestling career was like.

So, I guess the WWE has already forgotten about Antonio Cesaro and that he won the US title from Santino on the Summerslam preshow, huh? I read the Smackdown spoliers for this weeks show and he wasn't on it. The only time he's appeared since winning the title was on SD last week. Not a good way to start off a title run when he's only appeared on one of the four TV shows they've had since winning it. Too bad titles don't mean anything anymore, the only reason the WWE still has them now is so they can use them as props to help sell replicas of them on their web page.
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